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Providing a Long Lasting & Efficient Clean

Clean Technologies provides a patented, FDA & EPA approved product that deploys an unscented, colorless and non-leaching solution that bonds to any service eliminating virus, fungus, mold and algae for six months.  Ditch the non-effective toxin filled, corrosive chemicals you are currently over-using and let US eradicate your germs with our anti-microbial, non-toxic solution!   

Clean Technologies is here to help insure that your organization is healthy, remains in compliance, and stays open. With our patented solution, along with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide a sustainable virus eliminating barrier effective against all micro-organisms.

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We use state-of-the-art applicators to wrap our patented non-toxic MicrobeCare proven solution around all surfaces leaving a smooth and microscopic layer of protection. The result is a superior clean that outlasts every other cleaning method available.

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Surfaces that are disinfected with sprays & wipes are not only ineffective in eliminating germs and bacteria; an area becomes contaminated as soon as it is exposed again to germs and bacteria. Our treatment eliminates the need to continuously wipe and disinfect.

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The Ultimate Clean

There is a now a much better way to clean. It has never been more important to keep your team, family and loved ones safe.

Disinfecting and wiping surfaces is a temporary and often times very harmful solution. MicrobeCare™ provides a foundation that creates a lasting clean surface, creating a barrier against harmful microbials. We combine this patented, long lasting solution with a best-in-class application process that promises next-level results. Protecting you against microbes for months at a time.

 “I believe we found a better solution. Something that will make a significant difference in the world. Something that has never been more needed that now. We are providing a service that is not just a short-term solution. It has staying power.”
– Todd Spangler, President & CEO