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Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce aka PMCC. We represent over 50 years of experience in Chamber operations, sales, marketing, and community relations. Whether you are looking to gain exposure in the community, attend networking and community events, or participate in educational forums, the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce can play an integral part in your business development and enhance your credibility. Oh, and we raise a whole ton of funds for local charities.

Bobby Bruno – Business Relationship Specialist

Come as my guest to any one of our many networking events and experience just what PMCC is all about! If you are not convinced of the enormously positive impact we’re making within our community, or if you do not think becoming a member will help you and/or your business, don’t come again! I’m here to tell you, it is well worth your visit, complimentary as my guest!

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About PMCC

Going on five years here in Phoenix Metro, the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce has become the fastest growing Chamber in the Valley.  Always focused on philanthropy, community, business growth, personal responsibility, networking and strategic relationships, this Chamber has become one of a kind! Hands on, passionate and committed, there are several reasons to become a part of this family.  

 -Make new contacts and enhance business relationships
- Strengthen ties within the professional community
- Attend industry specific educational seminars
- Networking breakfasts/lunch/mixers weekly
- Experience unique and fun venues around the Valley

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Increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you are identified as a Member of Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce.